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Stargate Gen Rec

The Best in Gen

All GEN Stargate Recommendations
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This community is dedicated to recommending the best GEN works from Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis. Works can refer to fanfiction, music videos, and other forms of art.

1.) Do your best to follow the guidelines listed below on what qualifies as gen and the warnings that should be included with some works.

2.) Do not recommend your own works

3.) We reserve the right to pull a rec due to poor grammar, etc.

Please include the following: Title; author; characters; description; link; and why you are recommending it.


For the purposes of this site, gen will hereby be defined as a story that does not focus on a romantic pairing and contains no scene(s) of graphic sex.

This is a very vague definition, and the reason is that I want to leave the overall "gen-ness" of a story up to the rec'er. However, I do so with a few guidelines to keep in mind.

* To many, the word gen implies there is no romantic pairing (dating, intimate, or otherwise), therefore if a romantic pairing exists and is not the focus of the story, and you feel this story is gen, you may rec it as long as you give notice/warning about the pairing.

* No graphic sex. By graphic sex I mean scenes where the sex itself is depicted. Any story that has graphic sex in it will immediately be taken down.

* If there are any romantic pairings at all in the story, the relationship should not be the focus of the story. By "romantic relationship" I am referring to courting, dating, intimate, or otherwise. When in doubt, leave a warning.

* Another factor of "gen" to many people is whether or not it stays true to the spirit of the show. AUs should be marked and if something does go against the spirit of the show (in your opinion), please make note of it in the description. Do recognize that everyones idea of the spirit of the show is different, so just do your best to keep this part in mind.

* When in doubt, but still rec'ing, give a note in your description noting why some may not feel the story qualifies as gen.

* It is moslty up to the rec'er what story qualifies as gen or not. The admin, however, reserves the right to take down rec's.

It is my hope that these guidelines will help put us all on the same page. I hope you find them agreeable.