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Stargate Gen Rec
The Best in Gen
16th-Feb-2017 12:02 am - Looking for an SG-1 adventure fic
Hi everyone. This a request, though if anyone can find this fic, I heartily recommend it! So it's also a rec (kind of). :)

It's an SG-1 team adventure story. I can't remember many details, but they were off-world and encountered a small river that later flooded, and when they tried to cross the flooded river Jack got attacked by some monster crocodile or something. I have been looking everywhere and can't find it. Help!
25th-Jan-2017 06:07 pm - Stargate Wallpapers
  I used to have these fabulous original stargate wallpapers from a very talented artist.  The computer that I had them on died and I lost the images.  I have been trying to find them again but no luck.  As I can't remember the artists name.  It started with a t (and it was something like Thasa..., Thessa...)  The images were abolutly gorgous. One was of the gate surrounded by water with a fall color scheme.  I would love to be able to find her website if it still exists.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
14th-Oct-2016 06:22 pm - Days Series by SG_Wonderland
Title: Day Series
Author: SG_Wonderland
Characters: Daniel, Jack, Sam, Teal'c, General Hammond, Janet Fraser, Cassandra Fraser, Nicolas Ballard, Cameron Mitchell, Catherine Langford,
Description: This is me wading into the Daniel-gets-shrunk genre.

Why rec'd? A lovely series of stores, with Daniel changed to a kid and Jack taking care of him.
7th-Mar-2015 11:02 am - The Stuff Of Legend by N'Kala
Title: The Stuff Of Legend
Author: N'Kala
Characters: Daniel, Jack, Sam, Teal'c, General Hammond, Janet Fraser
Description: Can Daniel live up to the reputation of his team mates?

Why rec'd? Earlier SGA stories had Daniel as insecure (but then feisty) and his team standing up for him, this a great example of that theme.
16th-Feb-2015 11:04 pm - Burial at Sea by frith_in_thorns
love, sga
Title: Burial at Sea
Author: frith_in_thorns
Characters: Sheppard, McKay, Teyla, Team
Description: Cleanup, physical and emotional

Why rec'd?  This fic has all the team feels in it and is so nicely done.  It is a tag to The Storm/The Eye but from Teyla's view which is different than most of the tags.  She captures the team so perfectly during that first year.

Even better, this gem is a new fic in 2015.  It's getting harder to find good gen written these days for SGA so this story was a wonderful find.
31st-Jan-2015 08:06 pm - Tsunami by Joag
Title: Tsunami
Author: Joag
Description: A Season 1 episode: Daniel works a little too hard

Why rec'd: Joag writes the most fantastic gen whump stories and this is a wonderful example
31st-Jan-2015 09:20 am - Genie of the Lamp by Leesa_Perrie
love, sga
Title: Genie of the Lamp
Author: leesa_perrie
Descriptin:John finds an old lamp. AU

Why rec'd: It is perfectly in character and a short, sweet read.

Note: The fic is an AU.

(on another note: I'd love to see some more recs posted.  If you know of a gen story that is worth rec'ing that hasn't been rec'd yet, please post!)
31st-Oct-2014 09:54 am(no subject)
I'm working on finishing up the Halloween Round-Up. I have a couple more fics to add. If you know of any Halloween fics that weren't on old round-ups, let me know and I will add them.
5th-Oct-2014 08:50 pm - The Cost of Justice by stella-pegasi
Title: The Cost of Justice
Author: stella_pegasi
Characters: John Sheppard, Hank Landry, Jack O'Neill
Description: Shakespeare wrote, "Though justice be thy plea, consider this, That, in the course of justice, none of us Should see salvation." On this day, John Sheppard learned that justice without mercy had dire consequences.

Why rec'd? I really enjoyed John and his righteous anger in this one. I love a bit of his past coming back at him as he deals with one of his own men's court-martial/suicide. I really like seeing John with some of the SG-1 characters.
3rd-Oct-2014 08:32 am - Halloween Roundup
It's been since 2010 that we had a stargategenrec Halloween Story Roundup. Certainly some gen Stargate Halloween stories have been written since then. If you know of any, let me know in the comments and I'll post a 2014 update. Remember, anything spooky, creepy, monster, etc. qualifies even if it isn't overtly Halloween!

Titles may have been written earlier but missed in other roundups.

As usual with the holiday roundups, our usual rule against self-reccing is suspended, so feel free to suggest your own stories!

Don't forget this site is for anything that is gen and Stargate so SGA, SG-1 and SGU stories can all be listed.

Here are the previous roundups:

2006 Roundup

2007 Roundup

2008 Roundup

2009 Roundup

2010 Roundup

(Thank you, saphirablue, for the links! Thank you, sholio, for keeping up the roundups for several years!)

Is there anyone willing to compile all of the various years roundups into a single list?

List additions for 2014 update:

updatesCollapse )
Title: Facing His Demons
Author: annieb1955
Characters: Rodney McKay, John Sheppard, Team
Description: Rodney after a mistake is made.

Why recc'd? Because this is a story where the team supports him after he makes a big mistake. I love the simple interactions in this.
20th-Sep-2014 08:00 pm - All the Myriad of Faces by xparrot
love, sga
Title: All the Myriad of Faces
Author: xparrot
Characters: Zelenka, McKay, Ronon
Description: It's not that Radek is afraid of the infirmary, but he doesn't usually have much reason to come.

Why recc'd? It's a nice tag to The Shrine from Zelenka's point of view. It fills in some missing scenes I wanted to see in the episode and it adds Zelenka's part of the story.
Cheetah Face
Title: Wednesdays child is full of Woe
Author: Ferryman
Rating: PG
Words: 744
Genre: Whump, character POV, h/c
Characters: John, Rodney

Summary: John thinks that Wednesdays Child is full of Woe is apt for Rodney, but Wednesdays child is sneaky would be better...

Why Rec'd: Lovely POV from John about Rodney, with a side order of whump for Rodney and a little of humour too.
30th-Aug-2014 01:24 pm - Lift by NotTasha
love, sga
Title: Lift
Author: NotTasha
Characters: McKay, Sheppard
Description: Sheppard is unable to sleep due to events of the day when he gets a call for assistance from McKay

Why rec'd? I love all of NotTasha's stories and I somehow missed this one back when she wrote it. I really like the last chapter that has some great Sheppard and McKay friendship moments.
22nd-Aug-2014 05:17 pm - Of Steel and Blood by sgatazmy
Cheetah Face
Title: Of Steel and Blood
Author: sgatazmy
Rating: G
Genre: Angst, Episode tag
Characters: John, Rodney

Summary: John helps Rodney deal with events from The Eye/The Storm.

Why Rec'd: I hadn't realised how much I needed some Rodney angst with a side order of concerned John until I read this fic! Welcome back, Tazmy, please write more! :)

PS: Author tag required please!
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